The Trail

The trail you are about to hike is 44-55 kilometers long depending on which route you choose. It meanders from the idyllic little town of Hjo along the shores of Lake Vättern to the medieval village of Kungslena with it’s church, royal estate and Fort Lena.

If you start in Hjo, the trail goes south first along Lake Vättern and then up through the famously Norrland like region of Hökenssås (Hawk’s Ridge) with it’s craggy terain and pine forrests. Once through Hökenssås the trail emerges near Klämmesbo. Small forrested areas interspersed with fields accompany you as you make your way to the tiny village of Hömb and the Kavlos estate and Manor (Kavlos Slott). The final leg of the trail leads up to the small but historically rich medieval village of Kungslena nestled against the slopes of the hills known as Varvsberget. You can can visit the church to discover more about the history of the area which dates back to the 1200s.

Pilgrimsled is a trail which is easy to hike and can be taken in a relaxed tempo. It often follows picturesque small forrestry roads, sometimes country gravel roads and on occasion a forrest path or two. It offers a unique opportunity to explore a varied and beautiful landscape filled with the richness of history, culuture and nature in a way that connects you to those who lived and explored here in days past. One foot at a time, allowing the journey of your senses to unfold, this route with it’s roots in the middle ages still has much to give to pilgrims of the 21st century.

Along the trail you will find around 20 information plaques where you can read more about the beautiful nature and history of the areas and small villages you pass through.